Server update!

During the day there will be failures in the work of the program associated with moving to a more productive server. Hope for understanding.

Update! Version 2.0.5

1. More secure connection.
2. Selecting folder for download files.
3. View logs of connection(on official site).
4. Added Czech language.
5. Confirmation of registration for new users.
6. Native notifications.
7. Bug fixes and optimization.

The update is available on Google Play.

Manually update needed

Due to the latest update, it is strongly recommend to update the program on your PC manually, since the current version won’t be able to get automatical updates, and will shortly stop working. The problem is related to the transition to the new server. To upgrade, you must download and install the update file to your PC (link).If you do not have physical access to your computer, you can update it remotely by running the file through a «Remote desktop». Or download and reinstall software manualy. Current version is

Now works!

The last few days, we have encountered some technical problems due to the transition to the new version of the server, with expanded functionallity and new possibilities. As usually, such large-scale updates comes with unpredicted errors and complications. For now, everything is working. We appologise for the service not being accessible. If these unpredicted technical problems brought you any inconvenience, we are ready to refund you.